Star Trek: Discovery – Red Angel

At last the identity of the Red Angel is revealed and it was absolutely no one we had guessed. This turnabout is great as to have the Red Angel be one of the female cast currently known felt instinctively wrong. The episode as whole however fell into the common trap of most Season 2 episodes... Continue Reading →

Teen Titans – A TV review

Marvel rules the superhero genre on the big screen and has been making great strides on the small one too. DC as a brand is lagging behind but this is changing and whilst Netflix has kicked Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Ironfist to the kerb it has supported the production of Teen Titans. Most... Continue Reading →

The Orville hits its stride

So far I have to confess that I have been severely underwhelmed by this season of The Orville. The humour seems more miss than hit and the writers seem to be working their way through a checklist of topical moral and social problems which are tackled without originality. Don't get me wrong the show is... Continue Reading →

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