Good Omens – A TV review

Normally when a book is adapted for TV I have already read the book and had my own ideas about how it should be screened. In this case, despite having nearly read this book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett some years ago I never really got a grip on the novel. I have read... Continue Reading →

Lucifer – First Impressions

Season 4 of Lucifer has just hit Netflix. They saved the series from cancellation at the end of season 3. I have heard good things and so have decided to give it a try. The basic premise is that Lucifer Morningstar has gone AWOL from Hell and set up a nightclub. This immortal fallen angel... Continue Reading →

Alien Warfare – A film review

There is no mistaking Alien Warfare is a low budget film. The costumes are ropey some of the acting high school and explosive effects poor, but does all this detract from a strong story. The story follows a team of 4 navy SEALs with limited backstory sent on a covert mission to a research station... Continue Reading →

Orbiter 9 – A film review

Orbiter 9 is a 2017 Spanish language film released on Netflix. The film is pitched as a science fiction romantic drama and this certainly describes the film. I have come to treat Netflix with a pinch of salt regarding sci-fi films, they range from the undiscovered gem to the diabolical. This one was above average... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Celebration 2019

As a Science Fiction and Fantasy comment blog it would be extremely remiss of me not to comment on the convention of one of the genres biggest franchises. This weekend saw Celebration come to Chicago with a whole heap of Star Wars news. This is a big year for Star Wars the Skywalker saga of... Continue Reading →

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