Legacies – Chp 1 Pt1

Something a bit different. I have been super busy doing various things. I have been world building and writing for years and these have been coalescing into novel. I have made a timid start, it is no Tolkien by any means and my literary skills are meagre but I thought I would post parts every... Continue Reading →

Teen Wolf – A TV series review

Teen Wolf was a supernatural hero show that has been on my radar since its arrival in 2011. I had originally tagged the show as something more for the ladies, the clips and media showed a lot of young fit men shirtless most of the time with very little in the way of story. I... Continue Reading →

Good Omens – A TV review

Normally when a book is adapted for TV I have already read the book and had my own ideas about how it should be screened. In this case, despite having nearly read this book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett some years ago I never really got a grip on the novel. I have read... Continue Reading →

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