Warrior Nun – A TV Review

One first look Netflix’s Warrior Nun looked like a superficial supernatural series, with high ideals but poor execution. The show is in fact very different and offers a refreshing new take on the old angels and demons’ tropes.  I originally believed the show was one of Netflix’s foreign European imports and fully expected a Spanish... Continue Reading →

The Mandalorian – A TV Review

This review has been a long time coming and I am sure some people are surprised I have not commented on this series before. I wanted to take a little time to let my thoughts settle. So, what are my thoughts on The Mandalorian? For me, this has been the Star Wars I have been... Continue Reading →

Altered Carbon – Season 2

Last year Richard K Morgans novel 'Altered Carbon' was turned into a lavish mini series on Netflix. The story is set in the far future where a persons identity is stored on a chip and can be downloaded into new bodies called sleeves. It is a fascinating view of morality, corruption and what it means... Continue Reading →

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