Star Trek: Discovery – New Eden

The phrase so far so good seems to sum up this second episode of the new season. This weeks offering was perhaps the most Star Trek like episode we have had to date. Whilst the mystery of the red bursts and Spocks disappearance were still a motivating factor the story was an independent one that... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery – Brother

This week Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery kicked off with an interesting first episode. We left the crew at the end of the Klingon War on their way to Vulcan to pick up their new Captain when the Enterprise appeared in dire need. Season 1 had its problems, there were issues with continuity both... Continue Reading →

Trekyards – A Youtube Review

Trekyards is one of my go-to channels on YouTube, it may not be to everyone's tastes but their mix of technology and knowledge is impressive. The site is run by Captain Stuart Foley and Commander Samuel Cockings. The channel was set up in 2006 and now has over 44,000 subscribers and 1613 videos. The channels... Continue Reading →

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