Star Trek: Collateral Damage by David Mack

Alongside Keith R.A Candido, David Mack is the best writer of TNG era novels. Together they have created a somewhat murkier Federation which struggles right itself after the Dominion and rebuild after a devastating Borg Invasion. Recently the books have focused on the political intrigue on the Federation Council and the demise of Section 31,... Continue Reading →

Picard – A TV Trailer Review

We finally have an air date for the long awaited Picard series. The 23rd January will see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as the legendary Captain Jean-luc Picard although this time he no longer wears the four rank pips. There is much hype surrounding this series with people hoping for a return to the nostalgic... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Adventures: Villains

Modiphius has gained the rights to produce Star Trek Adventures, an RPG system set in the Star Trek Universe. The comprehensive and fun RPG system is supplemented by some great plastic miniatures. Since the game premiered with a range of miniatures including the TNG and TOS crews and packs of Klingons, Borg and Romulans much... Continue Reading →

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