Greedfall – A Video Game Review

Greedfall dropped on to the market with surprisingly little fan fare, this is probably because it isn’t one of the AAA games. As a casual gamer I had never heard of the developers and to be fair the promotional material didn’t particularly grab me. I only downloaded it because I had a gap between completing... Continue Reading →

Inquisitor: Martyr – A game review

Inquisitor: Martyr is one of a growing range of Games Workshop IP that have made their way on to the computer game market. Set in the world of Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor, as the name suggests makes you the hero of your own Inquisition tale. The Martyr is a derelict ship found drifting in space, you... Continue Reading →

Assassins Creed – Sci-fi and History

Assassins Creed is an immensely engaging and popular videogame franchise from the workshops of Ubisoft. It started in 2007 with its 11th game released December 2018. The whole franchise balances stealth, action, combat and story in to an enticing and time swallowing adventure. Ostensibly set during key historical periods, The Crusade, Renaissance Italy, War of... Continue Reading →

Elder Scrolls Online – A review

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game made by Bethesda based on their long-running and well regarded Elder Scrolls games which started in 1994. I had previously tried to enter the Elder Scrolls world with their first-person game ‘Oblivion’ in 2006 but only really appreciated the game until the award-winning release... Continue Reading →

What Star Trek needs is a good video game.

Star Wars has always outperformed its sci-fi rival when it comes to computer games. I have spent many hours playing X-wing, Tie Fighter, Battlefront and Knights of the Old Republic. Lucasarts built a library of games that covered flight sims, strategy, MMO, first-person shooter and first-person light saber'er but Star Trek has always stumbled despite... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Online: My Alter Ego

In February 2010  Star Trek Online began and I was so excited. I had watched the game's development with much anticipation and Star Trek Online (STO) was to be my first MMO and it led on to play Star Wars the Old Republic, Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls but it is still STO that I return... Continue Reading →

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