The Beyond – A review

‘The Beyond’ is a 2017 film by Hasraf Dullul released on Netflix in August 2018. Set in the near future the films story is told via a documentary style which follows a talking heads format to explain what is happening. The story involves the appearance of a strange void in orbit which begins to eject... Continue Reading →

Thor: Ragnarok – A review

Marvel can safely be said to be the most successful comic book brand to make the move to movies. DC and Marvel the two main adversaries in the field have long been in a war with the various collections of superheroes and up until the Avengers, DC could be said to have been winning the... Continue Reading →

Is Dune unfilmable?

Frank Herbert wrote what is perhaps the masterpiece of science fiction space opera. 'Dune', whilst at its best in the first novel, is actually a series of 8 books the latter two of which were finished by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson after Frank died in 1986. The universe that Herbert created was rich... Continue Reading →

How It Ends – A Netflix Original Film

Netflix is churning out an amazing amount of films that bridge the gap between hard sci-fi, lo-sci-fi and drama. Not all have the gravitas of what many would consider 'proper' movies but they are certainly improving. This July 2018 offering - How It Ends, is an interesting disaster film with a strong cast. It is... Continue Reading →

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