Bumblebee – A Film Review

The Transformers movies to date can be said to be sadly lacking. My first Transformers movie experience was back in 1986. This great film was a cartoon and had the unusual significance of being Orson Welles last film (voicing Unicron) and had Star Trek alumni Leonard Nimoy voicing Galvatron. This film was a love letter... Continue Reading →

Spiderman: Far from Home: A Film Review

Tom Holland is in my estimation a great Spiderman, he has a boyish charm that lends the character much sympathy. It is easy to connect with him and understand the problems of being a superhero at such a young age. These is not something that is really addressed in original Peter Parker story telling. This... Continue Reading →

I am Mother – A film review

I am Mother is another film offering from Netflix. The film is essentially a bottle show. with only two actors and special effects. The premise is that life on earth has been extinguished by an event and thousands of embryos are stored safely in an underground vault ready to repopulate the world. The vault is... Continue Reading →

Wandering Earth – a film review

Wandering Earth is a Chinese sci-fi film directed by Frant Gwo based on the book by Liu Cixin. This film came to Netflix this month with English dubbing. Set in the future our sun has started going supernova. Earths solution is to turn the whole earth into a spaceship by building massive motors and flying... Continue Reading →

Io – A film review

Io is a 2019 release on Netflix. It is a post-apocalyptic film directed by Jonathon Helpert and starring Margaret Qualley and Anthony Mackie and that is it. The film essentially only has two actors, Margarets father is seen once and we have the recorded voice of her fiance but other than that it is just... Continue Reading →

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