Mass Effect 1 – Legendary Edition Replay

Mass Effect was the first game I ever played on x-box. It came free with the console which I had primarily bought to play Star Wars the Force Unleashed. I had a great time playing Mass Effect and was completely drawn in by the story. Its gameplay and branching storylines were completely engaging and more involved than other RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic I had played on PC.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy and even though it was slated by many I also enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda. I have longed for a return to this universe and whilst I couldn’t have an new installment I was glad to get a Legendary Edition re release. With nostalgia tugging at me I started a replay.

The game played pretty much as expected. The improved graphics helped make the game not so dated but it still was. The cover mechanic was still clunky and use of powers awkward. As for the Mako, well it was still fun to drive if not a little frustrating, I feel they must have adjusted it in some way as I do not remember it always going where I wanted it too.

The problem with the replay is that even after all these years I still remembered the key points and had already decided on the first mission who would die on Virmire, that said it was great to be back in the story and for some of the plot points I think I must have chosen some different options as at the start of Mass Effect 2 some things had changed.

Saren was still a good antagonist although I still loathed the last boss fight it was much more poignant for him to take his own life and leave it at that. I feel Shepard’s heroism would have been stronger in talking the man down and that be that.

The game was a lot shorter than I remember but I did miss many of the side quests, I am a lot busier these days it seems.

I am on to Mass Effect 2 and I am already impressed by the improved gameplay, but if I recall correctly a gunship is about to attack any second so excuse me whilst I take cover.

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