The Bad Batch – A TV series review

As a spin off from the Clones Wars animated series ‘The Bad Batch’ is Star Wars latest offering.

The series kicks off directly during Order 66 and we get to see a young Kanan Jarrus or rather Caleb Duune in action. The series relies somewhat on the familiarity of viewers with the members of the Bad Batch from the Clone Wars but still works well to introduce the characters with which we will be spending our time.

I have to confess that I was less than impressed by these clones in their episodes in the Clone Wars but during the feature length premiere I found myself warming to them. Omega is a good addition to the crew and has an effect of humanising them and allowing them to explore their softer sides.

Whilst aimed at a younger audience the show so far hasn’t pulled its punches and there is a tangible sadness and tragedy regarding what happens to Crosshair. The series is a slow burner but the political undertones on Kamino promises an interesting future.

In criticism I feel that Star Wars is focusing too much on Order 66 and I hope that we get to see more about the development of the Empire rather than dwelling too much on something we have already seen from both the Clones and Jedi’s view.

The animation style is exactly the same as the Clone Wars which is not exactly to my liking but that is a minor factor. Overall the show has some promise as long as they are able to make the stories distinct and unique from tired cliches of underdogs on the run from the law.

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