Saints of Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton – A Book Review

Peter F. Hamilton is one of the great Sci-Fi Space Opera authors. The scope with which he embraces his story telling matched only by the likes of Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter. Saints of Salvation is the third book in the Salvation sequence, a series of books with an epic scale and sprawling narrative.

I would have to say Salvation is not the best of Hamilton’s work that would be his Commonwealth books and this Nights Dawn and Void trilogies, but it is a considerably good effort. Hamilton excels in grand sweeping stories populated by an array of engaging characters.

Saints of Salvation conclude Earths ongoing war with the Olyix. The final battle is approaching and all of humanity’s plans are coming to ahead in a daring attack on the Olyix home enclave. This book is broader than most and feels less focused due to somewhat less endearing characters. I am not saying this book lacks characters in fact in some respect there maybe too many its just that they do not have the same depth as others.

The story is complex made more so by the effects of time relativism in space. The technology Hamilton invents is mind boggling and yet believable. He has a way of not just inventing a story but inventing the future in new and unique ways.

The book ties up many of the threads in the previous ones but leaves one important one dangling, who is the God at the end of time. I am assuming and hoping that this will be addressed in a future novel and clues seem to have been dropped through out this book.

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