The Bad Batch – A TV series review

As a spin off from the Clones Wars animated series ‘The Bad Batch’ is Star Wars latest offering. The series kicks off directly during Order 66 and we get to see a young Kanan Jarrus or rather Caleb Duune in action. The series relies somewhat on the familiarity of viewers with the members of the... Continue Reading →

Shadow and Bone – A TV series review

Shadow and Bone was a delightful surprise find on Netflix. Being an avid consumer of all things Sci-fi and Fantasy I am usually well versed on what series are coming across the various platforms, but for some reason this slipped past my notice. As is the modern trend for tighter story telling this series was... Continue Reading →

Pandora – Season 1: A TV series review

There are different tiers of Science fiction on TV there are the grand epic series with ground breaking effects or themes such as Battlestar Galactica and The Expanse, there are the Old Faithfull’s like Star Trek and Stargate and lastly there are the SyFy series such as Dark Matter or Killjoys. Pandora is most definitely... Continue Reading →

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