Kewolski YouTube Channel – A Review

It has been a while since I have reviewed a YouTube creator, but it struck me lately that I hadn’t given a review of one of my favourite Star Trek news sites. Ketwolski’s channel has been running since 2016 and going from strength to strength. This review comes at a particularly apt moment, this month Ketwolski has announced a broadening of his content. Primarily covering Star Trek, Ketwolski will now cover other Ips and a wide range of science fiction and fantasy.

I started to watch the channel once Star Trek: Discovery started to air. Ketwolski or Nick as he is really called produces a series of different videos, his trademark ‘Earl Grey Pour Ups’ and detailed episode analyses.

Ketwolski’s greatest strength is his honesty and attention to detail. He ensures he verifies his facts and states clearly when he is making a leap of faith. On numerous occasions he has called out the toxic fandom and exposed the limitation of many Youtubers that are less honest with their facts and news sources.

The channel has a sense of humour and its host an obvious love for Star Trek and Sci-fi. This shines through in every episode. Whilst some may find his delivery somewhat speedy this is all part of the charm and part of the identity of the channel.

Ketwolski has already created ties with Trek Central and with his broadening of content will now enter a new realm of sci fi review and analysis something I look forward to. Ketwolskis model of producing high quality fact based reporting and nuanced analysis is a benchmark for all you tube creators and I look forward to watching more of his content.

You can access Kewolski’s YouTube Channel at:

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