Lower Deck: A TV Review

It took quite a while for the Lower Decks to reach our screens in the UK, was it worth the wait?

I was not overly enamoured with the idea of a cartoon Star Trek series along the lines of Rick and Morty. I wasn’t sure the comedy would land or whether I could stand the artistic style. Slowly as more information came out, I started to become encouraged. The cast seemed good and the animation sound. When it aired in the US, I listened to some of the reviews and started to hear good things.

As soon as it came out on Amazon last week, I binge watched all 10 episodes. I have to say that I m divided on the whole thing. The animation was good, and I actually liked the storyline for the most part. As a long-time trek fan, I loved all the Easter eggs that were dotted around the episodes. The jokes were reasonable and the voice acting great.

The last episode was by far the best. I m not sure if this was because the team had found their stride or if it had Riker and Troi and of course the Titan. It felt like a solid Star Trek episode.

Where the series failed was on two points. One, the lead crew are not really fully Lower Decks characters. They are all Ensigns and whilst this is a low rank what about all the crewman and NCO’s on board. They are the real lower decks crew.

Secondly, I had a real problem with the delivery of line, there was too much frantic shouting and squealing. Only Boimler seemed capable of speaking in a normal tone of voice and even then, not often. Mariner and Tendi seemed to shout every single line and it made the programme very tiring.

I look forward to Season 2 but won’t mind so much waiting for it to reach the UK. It’s a good concept and if they can make the last episode the norm then I think it has legs, so to speak.

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