Star Wars: From a certain point of view. The Empire Strikes Back – A book review

From a certain point of view is the second book of its kind that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Original Trilogy Films. This book is again a compilation of short stories by a staggering range of authors and as such some are hit and miss in how they land. The short story format makes it the kind of book you can dip into and read piece by piece.

The general format follows the films plot and focuses on the stories of the minor characters. It very much has the feel of the old expanded universe anthologies such as the ‘Tales from the Cantina’. It starts with the attack on Echo Base on Hoth and ends on the Medical Frigate with the Rebel Fleet.

Some of the stories are a little contrived and silly but on the whole they complement the films greatly. Some of the best stories are those told from the viewpoint of Stormtroopers or Imperial Officers, they add richness and texture to the narrative providing an alternative viewpoint to what we are see in the films. It is interesting to view our heroes through the eyes of others and it is nice to see the individual heroisms conducted by the ‘lesser’ citizens of the galaxy.

For some reason this second anthology lands better than the first. I struggled to finish the first one but this one was much easier to read. It may be because the Empire Strikes Back is a more dynamic film with greater nuance or maybe this time the authors were able to focus on more interesting character tropes. Either way the book is a nice addition to canon

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  1. I can’t wait to read this collection- I loved the first one. With any anthology some stories will be stronger than others, but as there are some authors I like listed, I am anxious to read what they created about the Star Wars universe.


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