ST: Discovery – Terra Firma Pt 1 and 2: A TV Series Review

Terra Firma parts 1 and 2 were an interesting diversion in the overall flow of Season 3 of Discovery. The episode was not as expected so close to the end of the season and with so much mystery still surrounding the Burn.

Whilst its placing was odd this pair of episodes were an excellent slice of very TOS style star trek. I m not always a fan of the Mirror Universe but no one can say that those episodes are ever dull and there is something fun about seeing our regular characters act out and really chew the scenery. We certainly get this.

The plot thread is really the realisation of the redemption of Georgiou by herself with the aid of Carl. The individual story and parts were nicely acted with touching scenes involving Saru and even Micheal and a rewarding story with pay off I have to say that the story as a whole wasn’t adequately set up enough to merit some of the scenes, especially with the crews eulogy for her.

We never really saw Georgious self-develop through series 2 and 3. She seemed less Emperorish but never did we see her pause or really question herself until back in the mirror universe. It would have been good to have her questioning her views earlier in the season and becoming angry with the person she was now becoming. Like wise we never saw her interact with the crew enough to truly believe the ‘kind’ words they said of her when she left.

This was a great episode which had me wondering what was going to happen next. You could really feel the knife edge Georgiou was walking.

The true star of the show however was Paul Guilifoyle as Carl. This was a delightful slice of TOS legend and fitted beautifully and although it was obvious who Carl was the reveal in the second episode was still glorious and added to the wider star trek universe.

The sub plot with the Kelpien ship in the nebula seemed very muck just like filler and did not really contribute to anything other than to set up the end of the season which needs to work hard not to disappoint.

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