ST: Discovery – Sanctuary: A TV Series Review

This week was a fairly non-descript run of the mill episode. I would say its neither good nor bad. Tilly proves her worth as XO and Saru continues to do well as Captain. The Stametts, Adira, Colber dynamic is lovely and they almost seem to be forming a pseudo family.

The actual main plot of the episode was okay. It was nice to see Books home and ‘family’. It was also good to see Ren again and see he hadn’t been forgotten about. I think the issue I have is that Osirayah was built up to be the big bad and leader of the Emerald Chain and although she acted evilly she wasn’t that threatening and her ship was defeated to easily by Books ship even if Detmer had Rens insider knowledge. What we needed was a text book star trek no violent option to neutralise the Orions but still have them be a threat.

The B-plot surrounding the burn is still the most interesting and the song pattern as a distress call was handled adequately. I highly suspect the ship in the Nebula is the Discovery seen in the short trek magiked there by some kind of timey wimey contrivance that will link to Georgious cure for her illness.

Speaking of Georgiou, I like this new more vulnerable Georgiou and Colber handles her perfectly. Her witty asides are great and we get to see that these really are just a front. She is having difficulty rationalising her Terran self to a new identity of a person she could be. Next week will be interesting to be sure.

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