ST: Discovery – Scavengers: A TV series review

Scavengers felt very much like an adventure of the week style adventure with a daring rescue of Book sent against the wider mystery of the Burn. On the whole the episode was an enjoyable affair and it was great to see the Discovery get refitted.

I still have a little difficulty in the speed at which the crew is adjusting and being welcomed into the new Starfleet. They are after all 900 years out of date and even with some technological stagnation and dark age from the Burn that is still a huge difference its like giving King Henry I a three week orientation and then having him run a work as an IT technician.

The interplay between Georgiou and Burnham was good and its nice to see a little more depth from Georgiou’s character and a plot thread for her to act with.

I was a little disappointed with Burnham going rogue again but this perhaps is her path. She no longer seems to fit the structure of Starfleet even if she is trying to show the ideals of the Federation. I can see what they could be trying to do but perhaps the execution is poor. It shows that she hasn’t really learned anything from A Vulcan Hello or perhaps she has learned that she is not cut out for Starfleet she definitely isn’t in the same mould as Saru and the rest of the crew. She seems to fit better with Book.

With regards to Book his exploits on the Scavenger planet was good although I would have liked him to have been more proactive in his escape, basically already having a plan and Burnham screwing that up with her arrival. It continues to be great to see traditional Star Trek races.

Lastly I must comment about Grudge. I am convinced there is more to this Queen of the space-ways, metamorph anyone?

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