ST Discovery: Die Trying – A TV Series Review

Finally we have reached Starfleet and what could have been a disastrous encounter was actually well handled. Starfleet were welcoming but cautious and our leads were given the opportunity to prove themselves.

The side mission was somewhat lacklustre with certain plot holes that weren’t sufficiently tied up. How did the Discovery know of the ship? Was it a guess the seed ship would still be operational 900 years ago? The addition of Barzans was good and gave Nahn a kind of closure for her mini arc.

The interview with David Cronenbergs character questioning Georgiou was excellent even if the blinking was a little silly. The man exude quite confident malice and it was great to see the Empress become unstuck, however I am a little past another crew member being brainwashed or not what they seem – Ash season 1, Airiam Season 2, so I hope that plot thread develops differently.

I loved the nods to Voyager and and Nog and I hope we get to see more of these starships in the future, if only to give more meat for Trekyards to bite into. Likewise the uniforms felt very starfleety as did the feel of the starbase although the medical bots seemed somewhat out of place given the propensity of holographic technology.

This season the balance between humour and drama has been well realised and helps rub the edges off some of the darker moments. This episode was an establishing piece setting up what Starfleet is now and laying out the rest of the series parameters and did little to move the overall plot forward.

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