ST: Discovery: Forget me Not – A TV series review

A few days late but here is my review of Forget me not. This fourth instalment of Discoveries third season was right up my alley. I have always been fascinated by the Trill as a species and love the whole biological principle of a symbiotic relationship between two sentient organisms. I have always roleplayed as a Trill, Fleet Admiral Magellan Lin in Play by Email sims such as Section 47 and my Star Trek Online character is the subsequent host Garron Lin. So, it was with much excitement that I watched this episode.

The story focused on the Discovery taking Adira to Trill to regain her symbionts memories in the Cave of Mak’ala. They received a mixed reception on Trill but are helped by the lead guardian in their quest. We got to understand how Adira came to gain the Tal symbiont and were introduced to Grey her previous lover and host.

The episode was well done and interesting, the Trill higher ups did seem to flip flop a little quickly but given the length of the episode it was difficult to show much more development. A nice touch was the addition of new and Picard uniforms in the past hosts and the scenes with Adira and Grey were touching.

The B-plot concerned healing the trauma held by the senior staff and in particular Detmer. The dinner scene was nice and the crew interactions believable but most significant was the development of the ship’s computer and the sphere data’s AI something that links to the short trek Calypso.

Next week promises much as well as the information gained from Adiras symbiont gives them the location of Starfleet. This season of Discovery keeps getting better and better, there are still occasional missteps in tone and pace but these are swamped by the good moments.

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