ST: Discovery: People of Earth – A TV Review

Episode 3 of season 3 was a solid slice of Star Trek, with an interesting story and good Starfleet moralising.

In this episode we get to see Discovery return to Earth only to find that things are not as they once were. We are introduced to the United Earth Defence Force and a very isolationist planet no longer in the Federation. It seems that the Federation as a geo-political entity is very much over and all that remains are some remnants holding on to its ideals. This is a very interesting idea and although reminiscent of Andromeda shows promise.

We are allowed to glimpse some of Burnham’s year long journey with Book and we get to see Saru assume formal captaincy. I wasn’t overly happy with this scene it felt as if Burnham was letting him become captain rather than him assuming it by right. Saru has the years in Starfleet was acting-CO of the ship when it left the 2250’s. I know he expected Burnham wanted the job but he was always the obvious choice.

The introduction of Adira was low key but fun. This is a clever kid and it will be interesting to see her direction given that she has a Trill inside her. I would expect a visit to the Trill Homeworld in the near future. The Trill were always the most interesting of races to me and its great to see that we have an opportunity to explore them, part of me hopes the symbiont is in fact Dax but we will wait and see.

The resolution between the people of Earth and the raiders from Titan was pure early season TNG. Saru is the perfect captain to show Federation ideals even if Georgiou’s direct approach was needed to turn the emphasis of the talks.

The episode gives us more plot drip by drip and it was great to see that Earth hadn’t plummeted into a dystopian nightmare, that would have been a very cliched and boring. Instead we see and Earth doing well. Its policy maybe inward looking but they seem to be doing okay and could once more become the kernal of a renewed Federation. It left me wondering what is happening on Vulcan or Andor. Now we are so close to these worlds I hope we get to see them, either way I want Trill next.

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