The Boys Season 2 – A TV series review.

The Boys is one, if not the most watched shows on Amazon Prime and in many ways this is very worrying for society. The Boys is filled with sexual innuendo, prolific hard line swearing and violence, lots and lots of gory violence.

Having now castigated it for its lack of moral fibre I will now go on to say what rip roaring fun it is. Yes the gore factor is right at the top of my tolerance and there are times that it felt gratuitously unnecessary but this season although this level of gore has been raised it has been raised to something that now becomes unrealistic and laughable, well that how I cope anyways.

The narrative thread for this season takes its cue from the closing moments of season 1 following the teams eventual rescue of Butcher’s Wife and son, a son who was fathered by Homelander. Homelander is a menacing maniacal terror to watch on screen and typifies what would happen if an egomaniac had superpowers. New additions include Stormfront who at first is highly entertaining and sassy putting Homelander in is place until her true intentions and background come to light. A-train and the Deep are relegated to the background making minimal impact despite the Deeps hilarious Sperm Whale riding act that ended so very horribly. A new CEO in the form of Edgar played by the ever sinister Giancarlo Esposito tries to control The Seven and push forward Voughts agenda.

The bottom line is that most of the people in this series, good guys and bad are not nice people. All have terribly flawed personalities, even our guiding lights like Starlight and Hughie find themselves being corrupted a little and appearing bland and uninteresting against the others. Karl Urban continues to stand out in the series as Butcher but he seemed more muted in this season but actually had some solid personal development.

Frenchie is still my favourite of the group he maybe a drug addled terrorist but he has the soul of a poet and this season we get to understand more of his backstory. His relationship with Kimiko is touching and their attachment to each other seems to go beyond love, he is perhaps more of a brother to her than her real brother.

The action sequences as expected are excellent and the plots absolutely crazy with some genuine laugh out loud moments. There is a lot of deep political and social satire in the show, talking about business, hero worship and trust but much of this message will be lost to most amongst the blood and brains.

The season arc dragged a little in the middle but we got a satisfying pay off for Stormfront with an impressive display of girl power however by the end of the season the reset button has been pressed. Its almost as if they didn’t think they were going to get a third season. A third there will be however, The Seven are back, the team are back on the right side of the law and all is right with the world. Or is it? In an excellent twist at the end a new threat is revealed and this persons motives are not exactly clear. I fear that the idyll the boys now find themselves in will be short lived.

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