Umbrella Academy Season 2 – A TV series review

What can be said about Umbrella Academy Season 2? Well for starters it is just as crazy as the last season and just as frustrating. The core team are all back which is great, and a new cast of players are introduced. Once again, our anti heroes are trying to stop the apocalypse this time whilst they are stuck in 1962.

Spilt up and forced to find their own way until Five tracks them down we get to see the cast actually settle down and find some level of happiness. For some it is fleeting (Luther), yet for others like Vanya and Allison they seem to find a new place in the 60’s.

Weird is still the watch word of the day with this series and it is a shame the new head of the Commission, AJ, a goldfish in a bowl is not given more screen time. The opposition this season is still the commission but this time instead of Hazel and Cha Cha we have the Swedes. They are a lot less fun than the former two but apply enough pressure to keep the plot moving. Like with season 1 parts of the series do drag but amongst this there are some stand out moments. Like season 1 the fight scenes are dynamic and impressive, they lack the same impact as season 1 but the finale battle is top notch.

Klaus has an epiphany and it is had not to feel sorry for him and his attempts to save his lover. He really seems to grow in this series. Ben also is given a chance to shine becoming not just Klaus’ Jimney Cricket but in addition he has a purposeful role that has impact.

We get to see a lot more of Hargreaves and this is very satisfying. Five continues to be the most interesting and complex character and whilst the plot is driven by him this is to be expected, he is the oldest and the most knowledgeable.

The show attempts to cover many serious issues in a mad cap way including race relations, LGBTQ issues and addiction. Each appears to be handled well although there has been some talk that the show is anti-Semitic in its portrayal of the handler, but this is something that passed me by completely. I am not saying it is not there only that it did not occur to me.

With season 3 all but assured it was great to end on yet another cliff-hanger and one that opens up the series to yet more complicated plotting and allows us to watch more craziness. Umbrella Academy embraces its craziness to good effect and is an enjoyable fun filled romp with an unsuspected heart. The supporting cast of characters allowed the regulars to grow and develop and, in many ways, made them feel more human.

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