The Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds – A book review

The Bone Silence is the final book in Reynolds steampunkish far future space opera about the Ness twins.

Reynolds is a master of visualising fascinating futures and mixing them with compelling stories and this trilogy was no different. What was unique was the way in which this story was set. The books take place in the far far future where the solar system has been dismantled into a series of rings, and planetoids. Humanity has met other races and lives in a mismatch of advanced technology which they do not always understand and ships that are more akin to the sloops of the Napoleonic era than elaborate starships.

It is the setting that makes the story work and keeps the plot moving, the two leads, the Ness sisters are interesting protagonists but lack a subtlety that other of his leads do not. I m not saying they are dull but they exhibit too much one dimensional-ness, inhabiting a trope for much of their time. The rest of the crew and cast are interesting and all fit in with the pseudo-pirate ship vibe of the narrative.

The story is very engaging and twists and turns. There is a satisfactory conclusion to the main plot but Reynolds has created such a rich universe that there is plenty of material for future works in this universe, which I would gladly read.

This book and the trilogy as a whole is an excellent addition to Reynolds range and I would urge anyone to give it ago if only for its unique setting and great world building.

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