The Mandalorian – A TV Review

This review has been a long time coming and I am sure some people are surprised I have not commented on this series before. I wanted to take a little time to let my thoughts settle. So, what are my thoughts on The Mandalorian? For me, this has been the Star Wars I have been... Continue Reading →

Bumblebee – A Film Review

The Transformers movies to date can be said to be sadly lacking. My first Transformers movie experience was back in 1986. This great film was a cartoon and had the unusual significance of being Orson Welles last film (voicing Unicron) and had Star Trek alumni Leonard Nimoy voicing Galvatron. This film was a love letter... Continue Reading →

Spiderman: Far from Home: A Film Review

Tom Holland is in my estimation a great Spiderman, he has a boyish charm that lends the character much sympathy. It is easy to connect with him and understand the problems of being a superhero at such a young age. These is not something that is really addressed in original Peter Parker story telling. This... Continue Reading →

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