DC Titans Season 2

Last year I was pleasantly surprised by season 1 of Titans. DC seems to do TV series better than Marvel and the Titans were a group of superheros I knew little about.

Season 1 was dark and violent and this was fine, it was appropriate to the material and helped illustrate these broken people coming together to fight an evil. That season ended on a cliffhanger which was all conveniently wrapped up far too quickly, early in the series.

One would assume that the introduction of a new bad, Deathstroke would help the story along however the series begins to break our heroes apart again and bring in new ones. The young leads have only just started working together and yet are tossed to the winds by Dick.

We see too much of the old Titans back story and the introduction of Super Boy was given little room to breathe despite being vital to the finale. This is a rolling series with multiple narratives running simultaneously through a large number of characters. Dick is nominally the hero and he gets some character progression along side his imaginary Batman (the excellent Iain Glen – not someone you would first think of when thinking of Bruce Wayne).

The fight scenes are visually epic and the story of Deathstrokes vengeance and the beats on what it means to be family are sound. There is even some exploration of what it means to be a hero, what happens when a heroes ego overtakes them and what hubris can cost you.

Sadly though even the death of a key character in an anti-climatic but fitting way didn’t help to elevate the series above mediocre. We need next season to focus more on the youngsters tutelage of Dick and less of Hawk and Dove.

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