Star Trek: Picard – Episode 7 Broken Pieces

With the demise of Hugh last week and the rather slower pace of Picard with Riker and Troi the action really picks up. We also get an awful lot of exposition and understanding of what is happening.

We learn Oh is half Romulan half Vulcan and that the Zhat Vash are trying to safe the universe from every breaching a threshold of synthetic life which would result in a devastating enemy appearing. Some posit that this hidden race is the Borg but I wonder if it isn’t something new or possibly the Iconians.

The episode gives us a more rounded view of Rios’s character and back story and whilst I like the different facets of his character embodied in the holograms I dislike the hammed up accents used. Raffi shines as an intel officer and puts some of the pieces together and Jurati is able to start her atonement.

Sadly Elnor is somewhat of a passive observer again, playing a welcome second fiddle to Seven as she commandeers the cube. It would have been more menacing to see more of the Borg activating and attacking the Romulans but you did feel her trepidation at returning to a collective.

Picard himself was schizophrenic, having started to feel more like the old him last week he jumps from that persona to his egotistical newer persona. He is understanding at times whilst at others snappy and irritable. I want to say this is all down to his mental conditions but I m starting to feel its a writing decision and it doesn’t land particularly well. Yes Picard is older, yes he has changed and yes he is been given a new chance here but we need to see the kernels of his character, his morality and commitment to the Federation and his ability to inspire and guide those around him. So far he has used the crew of the La Sirena and not helped them, as the title eludes to, they are all broken and he should be there to help them put themselves back together again.

So with 2 episodes left to go we have Picard and co arrive at the Synth planet, Narek close behind and a Romulan Fleet on the way. We have a Starfleet squadron on the way to Deep Space 12 to reinforce them which I reckon will include a certain USS Titan and Captain Riker oh and I don’t think we have seen the end of Seven, perhaps it will be her cube that comes to Picards rescue?

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