Star Trek: Picard – Episode 5 Stardust City Rag

After an awful lot of setup it finally the story actually starts to progress. With the team all assembled the crew are able to locate Maddox, the problem is he is on a non-federation planet held by a crimelord who makes her money from salvaged Borg tech.

The most powerful part of the episode is in the prologue when we come to understand what drives Seven now. This opening was unnecessarily gory but had a deep impact. Borg parts are obviously a valuable commodity and Delta Quadrant borg even more so and so we see poor Icheb formerly of the USS Voyager being dissected. Sevens rescue was too late and she had to put her surrogate child out of his misery.

The rest of the show had less impact, despite the explanation the garish costumes were off putting and strangely the team seems to have gelled together rather quickly. Elnor is still an awkward character but then he hasn’t been given much to do yet.

The side story Raffis son gave much needed backstory for Raffi. We get to see how obsessed she became with the Romulan rescue project and then the supposed conspiracy of the attack on Mars.

The episode had a nice heist feel to it and dropped in lots of little Trek references, the lack of plot with Narek and Soji was strangely pleasing and allowed some good plot development for the others.

As I surmised Agnes was not what she seemed and ensured we only saw Bruce Maddox only briefly, it did however raise the question of what she was told. Agnes doesn’t seem to me to be a bad person but whatever Oh told or showed her had such an impact that she was willing to kill her own lover to stop it from happening.

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