Final Space: Season 2 – A TV review

Final Space was a surprise find on Netflix earlier this year. I am not usually a fan of cartoons but this one grabbed my attention. The first season benefit from inventive humour and great voice acting. The season had a string plot that actually had an emotional heart. It worked as self contained story and so whilst I was pleased it was returning I was concerned how a second season would fair.

Sadly I was right to be concerned. Do not get me wrong the series is still a lot of fun. The animation is strong and the voice acting just as good although the loss of David Tenants Lord Commander does show. The gags continued well although their seemed to be an increase in toilet humour, but the plot was less structured.

The show expanded its character base unnecessarily so to add three new characters. These are mildly interesting but do not really add to the story at all. Gary is still the lead but he is now rather more competent than he was in season 1 and the adjustment doesn’t quite feel organic.

There are some great moments in the season especially concerning Little Cato and his past life and his adjustment to losing his father and the series as a whole provides a funny and sideways look at some great sci-fi tropes.

The season as a whole is watchable and enjoyable but actually detracts from the uniqueness of the first, however I like the crew and I am interested to see where the over arcing plot setup during the season goes.

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