Daybreak – A TV review

I am not really a fan of zombie apocalypse stories, horror is really not my bag at all, Stranger Things is about my level but something about Daybreak sucked me in.

On the face of it the premise is a well worked one, a nuclear apocalypse kills everyone except for the Teenagers and they are left to rebuild society. This is very reminiscent of the New Zealand children’s series Tribe except this is definitely not PG rated.

The series is graphically violent and the language is of the lowest order. It is also funny and at moments very touching. The lead characters all have standard teenage problems but these are exasperated due to the circumstances. The series is based on the comic novel by Brian Ralph.

The lead character, Josh, played by Colin Ford is a principled young man with a quest to rescue his girl. This provides the driving focus for the series and affects how the story progresses. Other notable characters are the child genius reprobate Angelica played by Alyvia Akyn Lund and Ms. Crumble played by Krysta Rodriguez. Matthew Broderick does a star turn as the Prinicipal.

The film style is snappy and the effects good and there is a great use of 4th wall breaking asides to the camera.

Once you break through the bad language, that some will enjoy and the gore, which others will love there is a lot of heart in this show and some genuinely touching moments. There is a decent amount of tension and the relationships and their dynamics are interesting.

As a comedy drama it works but something about the series jars a little, some of the themes are too adult for most teenagers to fully understand (perhaps I don’t give them credit) and yet the humour is pretty puerile. Either way the series was entertaining and had enough twists and turns, poignant deaths and kick ass moments to make it work.

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