Force Collector by Kevin Schinik: A Book Review

With Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker to drop in only a few months the PR wagon is starting to crank up. First up is a line of books called a Journey to the Rise of Skywalker.

Although not specifically listed as Force Collector is very much a young adult book. For a Star Wars story it is also a very simple and gentle story. Where the story excels, is in revealing the nature of the galaxy of the sequel trilogy. We get to see ‘normal’ citizens going about their daily lives.

The story revolves around a force sensitive young boy who is struggling to understand his power and discover his place in the universe, with him is a droid and a friend whose father is in the First Order.

The dynamic between the two teenagers is sweet but given their age they seem to act more like 13 year olds, like wise the droid seems to have some sort of identity crisis without having a solid personality.

Its an interesting story as we get to visit familiar places like Utupau, Takodana and Jakku as well as newer places like Batuu, but overall lacks a dramatic narrative to carry it through, its is kind of like the base of a cheesecake solid and dependable but lacking the cream and flavouring.

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