Picard – A TV Trailer Review

We finally have an air date for the long awaited Picard series. The 23rd January will see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as the legendary Captain Jean-luc Picard although this time he no longer wears the four rank pips.

There is much hype surrounding this series with people hoping for a return to the nostalgic comfort of the TNG years, however, even the actors are clear to state this this is Picard not as we have seen him before.

Its kind of sad to see Picard old, but it fits the timeline and he most definitely still has the gravitas. The trailer released at New York Comic Con really built upon the previously released teaser to give us a bit more of a picture. We got to see some more action scenes involving strange alien ships and several of the main cast got to shine.

We got to see Seven of Nine emote both sadness and then fury and we got a good look at Hugh, best of all however was the slow ending revealing Riker and the Troi. It was good to see these two stalwarts of TNG reunite with Picard.

The trailer shows much promise, there is a lot that is new here, new ships and new heroes but there is also a lot of respect for the past, the feel in canon trek and a natural successor to the films and Voyager which were out last outings in this time frame of the universe. The general plot is still indistinct but several threads are evident. There is obviously a major Borg influence to the series as well as a lot of focus on the Romulans, we have a young woman in distress and a new crew of misfits to help Picard either right a wrong to save the quadrant.

For me each info drop adds to the excitement and I have confidence that although things will be different and take Picard and Trek in a new direction that the show will be a winner and January can’t come soon enough.

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