Killjoys – Finale: A TV review

The final series of Killjoys ended this week and ended with a bang. Killjoys was unabashed fun from day one and continued this all the way through. Originally set as following a trio of bounty hunters the plot evolved over time to explore the culture of the four planets in the Quad and introduced a menacing enemy that threatened all.

The finale finally saw Dutch go up against the Lady and defeat her and her army of mind controlled people and bug like children. It also gave the Jacobis opportunity to do what they do best and kick some butt.

The show was always fun, it had a good sense of humour and never took itself too seriously. It didn’t mind killing characters or creating swift reversals in fortunes. The lead characters where well acted although a little stereotypical, techie, assassin and warrior. The show was also progressive showing same sex relationships and using disabled actors with prosthetics when the need arose.

Often fast paced, the show was more than just whizz bang explosions, it had heart too. The leads connected well and the supporting cast were interesting and added to the mix. The show never went in for great deals of exposition and whilst this kept it light and breezy I often wanted to learn more about the people of the Quad. There was a rich history lying there under the surface waiting to be plumbed.

The finale wrapped up all the story threads and ended the character arcs, this however wasn’t particularly satisfactory. Dutch and Khylen had a chance to solve their daddy daughter issues but D’avin was the same person he was at the start. His brother John is left to explore the universe, and after all hes been through this seemed right. Even Zeph gets a happy ending with the miraculous return of Pip. This was a bit too far fetched for me. No-one lost. I felt as if the ending needed a punch and feel a sacrifice from one of the leads or from Aneela or Delle, following a redemptive action would have elevated the stakes and made the win have greater impact.

I will be sorry to see the show end, but I felt it had run its course and it is gratifying that the show was able to reach its own conclusion. All to often in this modern world shows fall to the way side without a suitable conclusion.

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