Daniel Greene – You Tube Review

It is very easy to get stuck on a handful of YouTube channels you are interested in but last year I discovered a new one. I am a huge fan of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and was trying to model some of the characters using all sorts of miniatures, I was able to fashion some Myrdraal, Trollocs and Aes Sedai as part of this endeavour I did some research on information about WoT and stumbled across Daniel Greene.

Daniel is an affable and engaging presenter who reviews fantasy books and has a deep passion for the Wheel of Time. His level of knowledge is near unsurpassed and he has produced many videos on the WoT.

I was very quickly engrossed by his friendly conversational style and began to watch some of his other review stages. To say Daniel is a reader is an understatement and he has a very deep understanding of the genre. His critiques are fair and balanced and he tackles comments and problems with subtlety and honesty.

In recent times Daniel has been gearing up to further expand his channel in preparation for the slew of fantasy TV coming down the road at us. Not only do we have a WoT time series but The Witcher and Lord of the Rings are all imminent, Daniel is prepared to review each of these episodes when they drop, something which I very much look forward too.

Daniel has started doing Fantasy News round ups and recently announced he was becoming a full time YouTuber which will only add to the content he is producing.

If you love a mature, well balanced look at the fantasy genre then Daniels channel is the one for you. His channel is at: Youtube and he has a twitter, instagram and discord server feed.

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