Avengers: Endgame – A film review

And so it ends. After a roller-coaster ride and a whole host of heroes the through thread of phase one is over. With the recent DVD release I thought it time to give a few words.

It is hard not to be bowled over by the spectacle of Endgame. The bar had been set high by Infinity War which was a visual feast and had great dramatic weight with its ending and on the whole I feel that it did that.

Visually you cannot fault Endgame in anyway its problems lie in its characters. Its hard to provide character development with so many characters and so many do not get the time they deserve. Many people had an issue with ‘Fat Thor’ but this character change was necessary following the events of Ragnarok, it also gave Hemsworth another dimension to act.

The involvement of a time travel plot was the only way to overcome Thanos but as with all such plots the story can become convoluted. Luckily the action carries the story along. The film gives us a fitting ending to the Avengers and the deaths were poignant and necessary. I did feel we didn’t get to explore the impact of Black Widows death enough with regards to The Hulks response but time was limited.

Captain Americas ending was poetic and thoroughly deserved but does open up many questions, how did he remain hidden for so long? and Tony Stark got the only ending he could have received which likewise was perfect for his character.

Overall the film did what it needed to do and rounded off an epic adventure. I had to look hard for flaws in the film, and there are flaws, but they are small and easily overcome. The film has a great blend of action, gravitas and humour that makes the 181 minute run time flyby.

Only time will tell if Phase 2 will be as successful.

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