The Flash: Season 1 – A TV Review

I have generally always been more of a Marvel person than a DC one and as such I never really got on board for the Arrowverse range of shows, of which there are now many. I never quite got a feel for Arrow, now I know you are going to think less of me but because I watched some of Smallville Justin Hartley is my Arrow rather than Stephen Amell.

As the series progressed I became aware of The Flash and felt that it was perhaps more my kind of story finally now I have been able to get started and have binge watched the first season.

Boy was I right about the Flash the whole season was an enjoyable romp. On the face of it the show follows the standard trope of the creation of a hero and a range of super powered villains to fight against. There is the usual love interest and mix of secret identity.

Where Flash differs is the way in which it subtly twists this dynamic. His secrecy is practical and changes when needs be. He has a strong ensemble cast of supporters who are more than just cheerleaders. The show is made stronger about being part of a wider universe in which other characters in the Arrowverse visit and implications in one series are reflected in the others.

Eobard Thorn was a great enemy and I loved the interplay with him and the others and trying to guess his end game. There were times when he was very sympathetic.

Grant Gustin is an excellent Flash and his acting is superb. He injects a lot of emotion into the role and portrays a proper hero, that fights hard to do good. Jesse L Martin is always great and here he excels in his father figure role.

I particularly enjoy the high level of scientific literacy in the show. I like how the leads are all ‘nerdy’ science types (even if they are amazingly attractive). Much of the science is hokum but it is explained well. Visually its not bad for a TV show some of the graphics can be a little sketchy but the drama and story paper over that tiny crack.

I look forward to consuming the next few seasons and I hope that the high standard continues.

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