Inquisitor: Martyr – A game review

Inquisitor: Martyr is one of a growing range of Games Workshop IP that have made their way on to the computer game market. Set in the world of Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor, as the name suggests makes you the hero of your own Inquisition tale.

The Martyr is a derelict ship found drifting in space, you as the protagonists have sequestered a Rogue Trader and gone to investigate. You are thrown in to a world of grim warfare as you uncover a complex plot involving the pervasive forces of Chaos.

The games is described as an action RPG, the emphasis is very much on the action with blaster bolts firing from the very off. The perspective is a somewhat old school top down one reminiscent of the old Space Hulk games. It actually fits this IP well, conjuring up illusions to the brands tabletop nature, and this is basically what it is, a fancy game of Inquisition you can play on your own without and adversary or DM.

Don’t get me wrong the action is fun and fast paced but it is the story that helps lift this game from what could be a very procedural blood and guts shoot em up. The story maintains the interest and gives focus to the role you are playing. The world of 40k is very rich and the game takes no prisoners in its approach, if you are not familiar with the 40k world then be prepared for a very steep learning curve of who people are and the world mythology, although to be fair I doubt many non-fans would pick this game to play.

I first started this game on Steam but found my laptop struggling to cope with it and the controls felt weird. It was much better suited to the x-box and my enjoyment increased greatly once I changed to that platform. The controls were more logical and navigating became easier.

The graphics are good but the camera angle causes certain orientation and sight problems. The scanner map takes some of the mystery from each mission as you are able to see where enemies are before you approach. This are small problems. The cinematic cut scenes are sufficient but not of the calibre of a AAA game, which is to be expected.

The price tag for the x box game is too high really and I would advise people to wait for bundles or a price reduction before purchase. I recommend this to all 40k fans as it really thrusts you into that world in locations not often seen in the sprawling campaigns of vast armies.

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