Star Trek Adventures: Villains

Modiphius has gained the rights to produce Star Trek Adventures, an RPG system set in the Star Trek Universe. The comprehensive and fun RPG system is supplemented by some great plastic miniatures.

Since the game premiered with a range of miniatures including the TNG and TOS crews and packs of Klingons, Borg and Romulans much of their focus has been on producing source books and campaign scenarios and so it was with great pleasure that this month saw the release of more miniatures, this time featuring the series Bad Guys.

The Star Trek miniatures are 32mm scale unpainted resin. Some are multipart but easily assembled. The detail is excellent and their closeness to the screen counterparts very good. The set includes – Judge Q, the Borg Queen, Lore, Locutus, Khan, Gul Dukat, General Chang and the Gorn Captain.

Each of the villains is posed well although the Borg Queen seems a little unnatural. The capture the essence of the character, Khan is seen arrogantly wielding a phaser, Dukat is more pensive holding Benjamins baseball. Whilst Q looks menacing in his Judge robes his sense of playfulness is indicated by the abandoned maracas on the base. Chang at first seems rather placid, holding his goblet in toast to the Undiscovered Country of peace but clutched behind his back is his Dak’tahg, ready to draw blood.

The Villains – not painted by me I hasten to add

Despite the excellent quality of the miniatures the one problem I have with most Modiphius models is the greasy nature of the resin. For plastic models you will usually need to wash the in liquid soap a bit to allow the paint to take but these models took several applications and even then without a good varnish or overcoat the paint chips of easily.

The addition of Gul Dukat bodes well for the future, I for one am hanging out for a box of Cardassians and then the DS9 and VOY crews such expansions would be great for my collection.

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