Spiderman: Homecoming – A film review

I know that I am late to the party, on many films I can be, but I have only just got round to seeing the first new Spiderman film. I was obviously aware of Tom Holland taking up the mantle and donning the red spandex, I had seen him in Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War and loved his performance.

Tom Holland makes an excellent Spiderman, smart and sensitive with a keen sense of humour. I was quite taken with Andre Garfields Spiderman and not at all in favour of Tobey Maquires.

Homecoming was refreshing in that it did not start with the creation story for Spidermam. We all know how Peter Parker got his powers and we didn’t need to see it again. Instead the film quickly established Peter and his friends and got the story rolling. It was nice for Peter have a role model in Tony Stark and Happy.

The high school setting whilst conforming to standard tropes was fun and added a backdrop for Peters development. As usually it enabled Marvels trademark humour alongside drama to shine through.

The acting was first class, Tom was excellent as Peter, bringing a more youthful exuberance to the role than previous incarnations who always seemed to become too world weary too soon. Micheal Keaton was excellent as The Vulture. He was an interesting bad guy with more dimensions than just the bad guy out to do bad, and Keaton really ran with the role. Downey Jr and Jon Faverau as always were excellent.

The film establishes what could be a promising sequence of films highlighting what some might call the lower tier heroes, the ones fighting for the little people and not just saving the planet or universe. This is very much an Avenger in training scenario. I look forward to following the future installment.

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