Lucifer – First Impressions

Season 4 of Lucifer has just hit Netflix. They saved the series from cancellation at the end of season 3. I have heard good things and so have decided to give it a try.

The basic premise is that Lucifer Morningstar has gone AWOL from Hell and set up a nightclub. This immortal fallen angel becomes embroiled with a LA police detective and the two solve crimes.

I have watched the first few episodes and have to say I am a little underwhelmed. Tom Ellis is excellent as Lucifer, he exudes a certain type of charm and arrogance that fits the character, in fact all the parts involving Lucifer and his demon and angel brethren are what make the series work. I guess the dark side of Lucifer has been done before and so this series seems to focus more on the procedural cop show aspect.

Lucifer can use his talents to help solve crimes at the same time struggling with an existential crisis. The scripts are sound and the acting fine but the weekly crime plot is fairly dull compared to the more interesting drama surrounding Lucifer and why he feels he can no longer run hell.

The procedural nature of the show should come as no surprise given that the executive producer is Jerry Bruckheimer, he of CSI fame, it also explains the high production values.

I am not one to judge a series just on its first season, many great seasons have had terrible starts and so I will stick with it and trust that things improve. As it is now Lucifer is just a time passer, something to do whilst I do other things like… blogging.

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