Alien Warfare – A film review

There is no mistaking Alien Warfare is a low budget film. The costumes are ropey some of the acting high school and explosive effects poor, but does all this detract from a strong story.

The story follows a team of 4 navy SEALs with limited backstory sent on a covert mission to a research station that has gone dark. Not told of what to expect they nevertheless know they must extract something from the site. On arrival they find the site deserted save for one scientist, a beautiful young researcher of course.

They soon discover the item of interest is a strange black block of alien origin. Before long four counterparts from the aliens arrive to retrieve their property. What ensues is a cat and mouse game of keeping them out despite their advanced technology.

The aliens themselves look ridiculous, they look like reject from late 1970’s Dr Who. Interestingly the aliens seem to eschew killing and this adds a new dimension given their obvious superiority. They are saved as a concept by their final reveal when the helmets are removed. Make up has done a good job of creating a believable alien visage.

The action and drama is very much manufactured and doesn’t evolve naturally. You can tell that there is a script there but the delivery is so individual that it is hard to believe that the soldiers are part of a tight knit team.

The one thing that stops the film becoming utter dross is central reveal of the film. It causes us to look at the enemy differently and whilst a little predictable does counteract the usual gung ho type of film with guns blazing and bodies dropping.

I wouldn’t say the film is worth watching, perhaps for the completest or if you have a spare 90 minutes, or maybe you love low budget films.

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