Orbiter 9 – A film review

Orbiter 9 is a 2017 Spanish language film released on Netflix. The film is pitched as a science fiction romantic drama and this certainly describes the film.

I have come to treat Netflix with a pinch of salt regarding sci-fi films, they range from the undiscovered gem to the diabolical. This one was above average and enjoyable on a level.

The film starts out in space with our heroine alone and abandoned awaiting an engineer to fix a problem. The premise is that Earth is ruined and they are sending colonists to a new planet in a number of colony ships.

The film turns on the twists in it and so as not to spoil them I will speak in generalities. The two leads are engaging and I did not have too much difficulty following the subtitles, as the whole film, bar one sentence is in Spanish.

The plot ticks along nicely and most of the character interactions are believable. There is some disjoint with the organisation behind the programme but the context of the dying Earth is interestingly realised as is the moral dimensions that are introduced.

The two leads are suitably attractive and its little wonder they fall for each other although the depth and speed of it was only believable in film time not real time.

This is not an A-class blockbuster but neither is it B-movie dross. There are interesting questions asked by the film and the plot doesn’t allow the romance to take over too much and over power the moral questions raised.

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