The Rain – A TV Review

Netflix has gone from being a postal DVD loaning service to a television and film producer of some note. This offering from their catalogue is a Scandinavian post apocalyptic drama. Set in Demark the basic plot revolves around a deadly virus carried by Rain. If you get touched by rain or infected animals you die... Continue Reading →

Alien Warfare – A film review

There is no mistaking Alien Warfare is a low budget film. The costumes are ropey some of the acting high school and explosive effects poor, but does all this detract from a strong story. The story follows a team of 4 navy SEALs with limited backstory sent on a covert mission to a research station... Continue Reading →

Io – A film review

Io is a 2019 release on Netflix. It is a post-apocalyptic film directed by Jonathon Helpert and starring Margaret Qualley and Anthony Mackie and that is it. The film essentially only has two actors, Margarets father is seen once and we have the recorded voice of her fiance but other than that it is just... Continue Reading →

Snowpiercer – A film review

This film took me completely by surprise. It is one of those films that on the face of it sounds ridiculous and yes it was ridiculous but in a fun way. I began watching it with very low expectations. The premise is that the world has experienced a devastating Ice Age after a failed attempt... Continue Reading →

Orbiter 9 – A film review

Orbiter 9 is a 2017 Spanish language film released on Netflix. The film is pitched as a science fiction romantic drama and this certainly describes the film. I have come to treat Netflix with a pinch of salt regarding sci-fi films, they range from the undiscovered gem to the diabolical. This one was above average... Continue Reading →

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