Star Trek: Discovery – Such Sweet Sorrow

This episodes title refers to partings and despite much activity in the episode no one actually leaves although all the pieces are now in place for the finale.

We now have Micheal in a suit ready to pull the Discovery into the future whilst Pike, back on the Enterprise is ready to face down Section 31. The crew is fragmented, the core Discovery crew are on the ship but Ash Tyler is with Pike on the Enterprise and Burnham on her own in the suit.

The episode was interesting in its pace and it was very difficult to handle the cliffhanger ending to which everything was building.

It was good to see the Short Trek Runaway referenced and the Queen presents a fascinatingly alien character with intelligence and charm. Jet Reno continues to shine as does Mount. I now wait in anticipation of seeing the Short Trek Calypso featured.

There were some plot holes or TV necessity’s that detracted a little, the docking tubes, why not just transport over, and Sarek and Amanda’s arrival to say goodbye was very convenient.

Obviously the Enterprise bridge was a thing to behold and seemed to be represented well. I have no problems with it being too stylistically from the original Connie as that ship is still years away and is ripe for another refit in that time. One thing I did think was too much was the shine, it would have helped if the conn/helm was black instead of red, but this was a minor gripe.

So everything is set for a grand finale in what has been a much better season of Discovery. Any thing can happen especially when time travel is involved but I for one am excited.

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