Queen’s Shadow by Emily Kate Johnson – A book review

The new range of Star Wars books that have been released since the new canon was established have been hit and miss to say the least, this one however, despite my reservations was a hit.

Of all the characters in the Star Wars universe, Padme Amidala was, for me, the least interesting. She filled a necessary role in the plot of the prequels but struck me as rather underwhelming.

This book focuses solely on Padme as she struggles to adjust from being Queen to her new role in the Senate and the nascent opposition to Chancellor Palpatine.

The book cannot be said to be action packed and there is an awful lot of talking but it all fits well into the narrative. The story works best when Padme is working alongside her handmaidens and security team. It shows a deep reverence the people of Naboo had for her and how she relied on others to do what was necessary.

Although slow moving I did not feel the book dragging too much and was interested in the direction it was taking and it was refreshing to see the early senate in juxtaposition to Leia’s last book that focused on the end of the senate.

I think the problem with understanding this book is in the pitch of the this book. It is pitched as being an Amidala book and yet both the book title and much of the content focuses on one of the Handmaidens – Sabe and how she has to find a new direction after being Padmes decoy and closest friends, when viewed through this lens the book makes a bit more sense.

Overall Johnston capture the Star Wars universe well and the novel is a solid entry into the opus.

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