Star Trek: Discovery – Through the Valley of Shadows

The last few episodes of Discovery have been a riveting watch. I have enjoyed the direction the story has been taking it and enjoying it as good entertaining Sci-fi. As a long time Star Trek fan I am still not such how it fits into the family but I for one am willing to give it a chance.

This episode once again showcased Anson Mount portraying Pikes sacrifice and future so beautifully. He seems genuinely effected by what will happen to him. The sequences on Boreth are equally as good and it was nice to get some resolution to Voq and L’Rells child. Some will pick at the abundance of time crystals on Boreth, but who better to guard them than fierce Klingons who have some influence on time. Likewise Jet Reno is outstanding as the terse engineer and her scene with Culber was touching.

The Control plot was interesting, it was good to see Spock and Burnham working together but I disliked the writhing nanoprobe tendrils, but that is a minor complaint.

Like many episodes recently this seemed a bit of a place holder episode constantly building to a cliff hanger, I feel this season as a whole could have been tightened up and shorter by three episodes. It feels now as if the all the pieces are in place for a 2 episode finale.

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