Death’s Detective by Charlotte E. English – A book review

Sometimes you take a chance on a book and are rewarded with a absolute gem, Death’s Detective is one such hidden gem.

The book is a collection of 4 short stories part of what is called The Malykant Mysteries. Charlotte creates a fascinating world where Death is a god and has a set of rules, one of which he is the only one who decides who dies. To punish the murderers who flout this rule he has appointed Konrad as his Malykant, an instrument of his justice.

Konrad is given the trappings of an eligible wealthy bachelor, prominent on the social scene and tasks him with investigating these crimes and bringing the murderers to book. He is assisted by two spirit serpents, the local police inspector and a local chemist.

Set in a kind of Victorian era the world of Assevan is amazingly well realised and each story weaves this intriguing backdrop into the current case.

As a protagonist Konrad is an interesting one, he has a duty and obligation to his master, wanted or otherwise and a conflicted soul. He is an effective detective and each case is enough of a mystery to keep things interesting.

Death’s Detective is a fun book and I look forward to reading the second volume.

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