Star Trek: Discovery – Red Angel

At last the identity of the Red Angel is revealed and it was absolutely no one we had guessed. This turnabout is great as to have the Red Angel be one of the female cast currently known felt instinctively wrong.

The episode as whole however fell into the common trap of most Season 2 episodes of being merely being a vehicle to the next reveal. Discovery has at its heart the season long plot and the creators have tried to tell that story more episodically, this worked well early on in the story with New Eden but recently each episode seems only to build to a constructed cliffhanger and drive the plot onwards.

In some respects Red Angel is the sequel to Project Daedeleus and I think it would have been better to join these two more strongly allowing better development of Airiam and in turn fine tuning the capture plan.

This is not to say that the episode wasn’t interesting. Spock performs well although I felt his moment with Micheal was ill placed, I didn’t feel his reattachment to her was natural and organic. He was however excellent once planetside.

The interactions with Georgiou were odd. She was her usual snarky self stirring up trouble looking for an angle or weakness and then she was exposing her own weakness. She manipulated Stammets and Culber and yet seemed to crumble at Micheals impending death. Has she really come to care for Burnham… it seems unlikely so perhaps she needs Burnham for something else.

My error in episode number last week now means we have 4 episodes to bring this arc to a close and I for one do not see where it is going yet, I hope I will be pleased and I hope we see Pike go out on a high back to the Enterprise.

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