Odyssey Class Enterprise – A model review

Back in November of 2018 I tried out Gameprints Star Trek Online tool to print out 3D my ship. My current ship is an Odyssey class starship and I love its design. I was in the end ultimately disappointed in the gameprint model and opted to wait for the Eaglemoss release.

That release has now arrived and I can review it in all its glory. Eaglemoss, for me holds the crown for starship miniatures at the present.

Admittedly the model wasn’t the USS Montgomery Scott, the same ship that fought in the Iconian War (My ship) instead it is the just as illustrious USS Enterprise-F. This ship is a behemoth of a vessel larger than any previous Enterprise. It has saucer separation and an auxiliary support craft. A unique twin neck connects the saucer to the secondary hull.

Despite its vast size it retains a sleekness to its design and Eaglemoss portrays all of this. The colour is good, and the ABS materials give the model a sense of robustness. At £14.99 it is markedly cheaper than a similar sized model from Gameprint.

The only let down for this model is the poor quality of the accompanying magazine. I understand this is a MMO ship but the magazine lacked detail. There was great detail on the competition that designed the ship, and how the original drawings were translated into the final model but there was none of the in-universe details. There was barely a mention of her Captain, Va’Kel Shon her crew or the exploits this ship has made in game.

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